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Leak Surveys, Inc. is proud to announce a breakthrough in infared technology. The HAWK is leading the world in hydrocarbon leak detection using infrared technology for a fast, economical, and safe method of controlling emissions. We are now able to preform you pipeline surveys from the AIR instead of the ground. A new type of infrared camera that we call the HAWK.

With the HAWK we are able to capture real-time images of gas leaks. Until the HAWK was invented a large majority of gas leaks were not visible to the naked eye. The HAWK has solved that problem permanently. With this revolutionary breakthrough, we are now able to preform leak surveys by flying transmission lines. We use helicopters that fly at approximately 500 feet above the existing transmission lines.

Our trained technicians can see and identify natural gas leaks in real-time from this altitude. The survey is recorded to a digital data back as it is being performed. This data bank can then be stored in a company's safety file for review at anytime if the need arises.

The pipeline industry in particular has needed and encouraged the development of a new gas leak detection system for many years. However, gas leaks, both large and small, have been targeted for detection not just in transmission but in industries involving chemical, paper, metal, manufacturing, utilities, microelectronics, refining, and military/aerospace

This method of inspection has some clear advantages over traditional sniffing, soaping, and bagging methods. LSI will provide pinpointed, real-time visualization of gas leaks recorded in standard digital video formats. Gas imaging can be performed from up to 50 meters (approx 150 feet) from the target. The inspection is performed without any interruption

Seeing the leaks visually allows you to trace it to the source. Helicopters are specially equipped with The Hawk technology and operate at an altitude of approximately 150 feet. Gas imaging can detected up to 2 miles away. Airs speed of 50 knots. Ability to survey 100 to 150 miles of pipeline per day. Images are captured on video and/or digital photography

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