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Thomas Jefferson played an integral part in developing the sectionalized survey system that most of the United States was subdivided. He recognized the legal problems with the metes and bounds system and wanted to avoid this. The GLO surveyor first established a Meridian Line and surveys began from these lines. The GLO surveyor first would establish monuments every mile around the outside boundary of a six mile square township.

Generally a second GLO Surveyor would arrive within a couple of years to subdivide the township into 160 acre parcels or aliquot parts. The second GLO Surveyor would re-run the east boundary of Section 36 from the initial survey. He would use this to set his compass and check his chain. The subdivision GLO Surveyor would then move to the SW corner of Section 36 and measure north, parallel with the east boundary and then check into the east boundary.

He would measure north and east as he went up through the township. Once at the north boundary of the township he returned to the south boundary and repeated the procedure until the township was subdivided.

Daniel V. Fischer opened Fischer Land Surveying in Langdon, North Dakota in July of 1995. Mr. Fischer began in the surveying profession in 1983. He worked under seven Registered Land Surveyors over the years on the way to acquiring his land surveying license. This molded Mr. Fischer in becoming a Registered Land Surveyor. Dan Fischer was elected as

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