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We offer Land Surveying and construction layout for New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Arizona. We are a small firm specializing in rural, large area surveys and specialty construction staking. Drawing on over a 100 years of combined surveying experience, we will work diligently and quickly to achieve the task set before us. Our staff consists of two licensed surveyors, two experienced CAD technicians and field technicians and two horses.

We are equipped to travel into nearly any region within the four states we serve and we enjoy the experience. Whether it's a small boundary survey, the layout of a solar field in a remote area, or an ALTA Survey of a commercial property we can provide you with friendly and affordable service.

Subdivision Staking encompasses utility staking, curb and gutter staking, property corner stakeout, overlot, including pond & swale grade staking, and any other staking to provide layout of a set of subdivision construction plans to physical points on the ground. Utility Staking is usually a part of subdivision staking and is the staking of water lines

We provide exceptional response time and thorough research for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys. These surveys require diligence and experience to complete without countless reviews and corrections. Our staff knows the legal jargon to communicate effectively with title examiners and attorneys. Before moving forward we recommend that you read a brief on

The states that we service still have large areas of land that are used primarily for grazing or that are completely remote wilderness. We can tackle these projects both by horseback and the use of four by four trucks. While on site we use a primitive camping approach to minimize damage to your property and the environment.

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