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Precision survey layout of structures and assemblies using the latest technology like Robotic Total Stations, High-accuracy GPS, Digital Levels, all used with the most stringent techniques to acheive the best results on your projects. Utilizing 3-D Laser Scanners accompanied with survey, JMR routinely is hired to verify built structures to design models.

We often support the lifecycle of our client's project using this technique and equipment to their schedule. Long and short term site monitoring for movement or vibration can be acheived using specialty equipment like Laser Trackers and High-accuracy Robotic Total Stations. We also offer forensic services to investigate damage to structures. JMR is considered a market leader amongst our peers due to our experience in 3-D measurement.

Based in Central Florida, we specialize in highly-technical and advanced surveying practices and applications. With an international clientele, our business has been centered on supporting the most complex of 3-D building design and construction projects.

JMR was contracted by long-time client Universal Studios Creative to perform extensive surveying services and 3-D asbuilts of the themed attraction area the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter". The park's most ambitiously large new development to date required JMR's expertise in new ride construction and precision layout to guide construction. 3-D Laser

JMR was contracted by long-time client Universal Studios Creative to perform extensive surveying services and ride track layout for "Dr Seuss's McMonkey McBean" ride. This project required re-using much of the existing ride track support structure. We provided as-built surveys and then layout of the newly designed ride track to bolt onto the existing

JMR was contracted by GE Energy Services to provide as-built documentation of existing gas turbine systems for retrofit. The gas turbines could not be offline for more than a few hours so we utilized 3-D Laser Scanning to quickly and accurately capture the environment in temperatures exceeding 100 deg F. The complex sub-assemblies required numerous

JMR was contracted by Kiewit to provide 3-D laser scanning services and 3-D modeling of the swing gate and support structure of the New Orleans levees. The large scale and complex geometry was a perfect fit for our technology. 3-D Laser Scanning was utilized to collect as-built information and to check against design specifications.

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