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Onepoint Global OnePoint Global is dedicated to designing and developing survey products for success in a mobile world. We are the only company dedicated to providing powerful survey tools for a mobile-first approach to collecting customer feedback and insights. We enable surveys that are fully optimized for mobile to reach any target audience across any type of device, in any country, in any language - online or offline.

We have a suite of DIY survey products and also offer clients and developers the ability to create and build their own mobile survey products or integrate specific survey products into existing survey platform's, through an Open Source environment using Software Development Kits (SDKs). We've made it easy for MR agencies, brands and sample companies to use Apps to engage audiences and gather feedback.

Send surveys to your participants through the My Surveys App with your own branding. Inside the App you're in control of what your customers see, surveys from one or multiple brands. Want to build your own App? Use our best of breed Open Source software.

Apple are renowned worldwide for their product suite that powers consumers in a "Digital World". Apple's customers can decide to use just one product, commit to the entire product suite or build and customise their own products. At OnePoint Global we aspire to be the equivalent of Apple for "Surveys in a Mobile World" by enabling our customers to use

Designed for both mobile and desktop operating systems, they load quickly, work perfectly and appear beautifully configured. Survey questions appear quickly even with little cell coverage or WiFi. Our mobile-first design approach creates an instant and exciting user experience that holds interest. Excite and delight your audience with surveys created

Our App is ready for you to brand and use. It's designed to be the best survey app in the world based on the richest and most convenient user experience. With online surveys or App surveys users can start on one device and complete a survey on another for a seamless cross device experience. Use unlimited branching questions to deliver follow on questions

With flat rates for SMS you can easily budget to include SMS invites and the higher response rates will more than justify the small expenditure. You'll get more responses from the audience you've paid to access. Reach respondents anywhere - whether they're online or not, SMS will reach them in any country - even where few respondents use email you can

Set up a new survey channel with us today. You can automate the push of customer data to our server to send new survey invitation messages throughout the day or at scheduled times. SMS is the most fast-acting survey channel. Get outstanding response rates and reach a high percentage of your database for meaningful insights. We have relationships with

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