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Determine your reason for a land survey, such as locating boundary lines in order to build a fence or place a building. Contact several surveyors and explain your specific needs for a land survey. Provide the surveyor with copies of old surveys of the property, title insurance policies, and other pertinent documents relating to the property. Ask the surveyor for an estimate of the cost of conducting a land survey on your property.

Inquire about how long it will take to receive the survey. Retain the services of a land surveyor by issuing a work order that spells out the type of survey work to be completed, delivery date and estimated costs.

ALTA/ACSM surveys, frequently shortened to ALTA surveys, are often required for real estate transactions. AS-BUILT SURVEY: a survey conducted after a construction project is completed, confirming that the structures, utilities, and roadways proposed were built in the proper locations authorized in the Plot Plan or Site Plan. BOUNDARY SURVEY: a survey

The Board of Profesional Land Surveyors and Mappers shall certify for licensure any applicant who satisfies the requirements of Florida Statute # 472.013 and who has passed the licensing examination. A licensee or business entity that meets the requirements of this section or statute 472.021 must carry professional liability insurance or provide notice

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