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An Improvement Location Survey/ Zoning Location Survey are types of surveys which depict or note the position, horizontally and, where required, vertically, between particular existing or proposed improvements with respect to the applicable municipal or statutory requirements. The purpose of this type of survey is to enable determination of compliance with said requirements.

A Topographic Survey is a type of survey which depicts the configuration (relief) of the earth's surface (ground) and the location of natural and artificial objects thereon. The Topographic and Vertical Classes of Accuracy, as defined in Section 20-300b-II of these regulations, shall be noted. Bench marks shall be depicted or noted on all Class T-I, T-2 and T-3 Surveys.

Survey datum and contour interval shall be depicted or noted. A Boundary Stake-Out is a type of survey which marks or monuments the physical positionof property corners or lines. We set concrete monuments, iron pipes, iron pins and drill holes. We provide a Staking Sketch indicating the monuments or markers set and indicating the Boundary Determination Category used.

Sydney A. Rapp Sr. founded our company in 1940 on a foundation of professional expertise and neighborly courtesy. Those values continue to guide us 80 years later in our role as southern Connecticut's most trusted and reliable land surveying company. From the days of compass and chain to modern GPS systems, the Rapp family has provided state-of-the

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