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Regional Land Surveyors Trust Regional Land Surveyors to develop your vision for infrastructure, energy, and development. Regional Land Surveyors, Inc. is a traditional land surveying company with nontraditional surveying capabilities. Based in central North Carolina, Regional Land Surveyors is licensed to provide services in North Carolina, South Carolina and California.

As President and Senior Project Manager, Kim runs the day-to-day office operations. He heads numerous commercial, educational, institutional, aviation, and residential projects. He is responsible for initial client contact, scope determination, and supervision of staff to project completion. Kim has been with Regional Land Surveyors, Inc. since 1999

Regional Land Surveyors, Inc is looking to enhance and expand our 3D Laser Scanning services and is accepting applications for this unique opportunity for the right qualified candidate. Essential functions of this position includes project planning, performing office calculations/drafting and on-site 3D laser scanning, compiling, registering, and generating

Central North Carolina-based Regional Land Surveyors offers a full range of geomatics surveys for the commercial, residential, and governmental markets. Topographic and Volumetric Surveys: Surveys to show the horizontal and vertical aspects of the land, or the volume of a specific area. As-Built Surveys: Surveys that report horizontal and/or vertical

Our commercial and residential services are often used for site design or property transactions, including: boundary surveys, loan/mortgage surveys, ALTA surveys, subdivision and rezoning surveys, topographic surveys, location and utility surveys, design surveys, as-built surveys, and surveys for site planning.

Regional Land Surveyors, Inc. provides both topographic and volumetric surveys. Topographic surveys accurately measure both the vertical and horizontal aspects of the surface of the land, while volumetric surveys report the volume of a specific area such as a stockpile or containment area. Together, these two surveys provide a comprehensive picture

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