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With more than 65 years of professional experience in land surveying, Kehl Survey Solutions supports Residential, Commercial & Industrial, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications & Wind Farm market needs. Working with the latest GPS GNSS equipment and technology, our full, turn-key solutions provide beginning to end survey, engineering and drafting expertise within Rocky Mountain Region.

Licensed in Colorado, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming.

KEHL SURVEY SOLUTIONS has been a recognized leader in land surveying for over 40 years. Serving home owners, home buyers, realtors and land developers with their residential land surveys. Locating and identifying the corners with flagged or brightly painted wood stakes. Properties that are missing the original marked property corners due to various

We provide boundary surveys required when purchasing commercial property that measures, marks and verifies boundary lines. This often includes extensive research of any previous title certificates, deeds and previous surveys. We also provide ALTA & ACSM (American Land Title Association & American Congress of Surveying & Mapping) and title surveys when

As well as to identify ingress-egress easements relevant to the site. Next, the site's longitude and latitude are established to be sure that FAA requirements are met. Which are all included in an easy to understand, informational parcel, presented to our client. KEHL SURVEY SOLUTIONS uses the latest GPS equipment, high fidelity total station devices

Our team is experienced in working seamlessly together with your oil, gas and pipeline needs in any terrain and weather. We provide a number of services. Some of which are listed below. Working closely with our clients to provide details such as dirt volumes within the general pad layout & cross sections, to limiting risk and containing costs. Which

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