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Zupt Zupt is a privately owned, international service and manufacturing company. We specialize in the integration and application of inertial technologies to onshore and offshore survey and positioning services. We understand our clients' goals, and create products that deliver optimal productivity while maintaining high survey and navigation quality. We only focus on applications where significant gains in overall production and reduction in job costs can be achieved through the use of this technology.

For a remote metrology, it is important to understand the necessary timeline associated with each step of Zupt's remote metrology operations. While it is quite similar to a conventional manned metrology timeline, clients are now able to choose exactly when they want. We recently performed two jumper fabrication metrologies for an operator in Congo, off the coast of West Africa using our subsea precise inertial navigation system (C-PINS).

We worked with a great ROV crew to transport C-PINS between manifolds and permanent guide bases P.

The principals of Zupt, LLC - Inertial Survey Products and Services Company have been involved in the development of inertial based survey tools for the past 20 years, with a combined experience of over 60 years in the various sectors served. Zupt has been providing these products and services for the past 10 years and our products have been in operation

Zupt manufactures and designs all of our products and capabilities to maximize productivity for the industries we serve. We understand the commercial implications and the impact of downtime due to failures in survey equipment or services. Our aim is to deliver accuracy with a known quality, while maintaining high levels of reliability through the use

Zupt's inertial metrologies deliver all of the data that is required for jumper or spool fabrication while consuming much less vessel time than conventional acoustic methods. Over the past ~140 metrology surveys (Zupt's Inertial Track Record) our system has shown that it exceeds the precision and accuracy required for even the most demanding fabrication

Zupt offers inertial survey products and services for various onshore survey applications such as Seismic exploration, Civil Engineering, Forestry Mapping and Wellbore Positioning. Zupt's B-PINS systems have been used globally to provide precise survey data in GPS-denied areas in countries including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Columbia

In many active geographical regions of land seismic exploration the canopy (trees/forestation) is such that RTK GPS cannot be used for the precise installation of survey stakes. The signals from the satellite segment of the GPS system cannot penetrate through to the receivers being carried by the field surveyors. Global Positioning System (GPS) is based

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