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A3Pi Services, LLC is an established Marine Survey and Consulting firm, servicing worldwide clients in all aspects of the marine industry. A3Pi has gained the respect of clients from varied work in passenger vessel markets in both the gaming and excursion vessel industries, to consultation in several ocean vessel markets.

Projects have included full surveys of cruise and various cargo vessels to damage and casualty investigations, plus salvage and numerous underwriter surveys, including loss investigations and standard condition and valuation surveys.The scope of the work has included Environmental Consulting, Auditing, Oil Record Book Training, major projects in Yap, Micronesia and various ports in the Ukraine, and other countries.

Bob authored a previous book, World Travels & Adventures of a Ship's Marine Surveyor, describing his long career, traveling the world, investigating marine accidents, pollution incidents, and several accidental deaths. However, you cannot just step into such a career without prior experience, so this book details the preparation for such a career, and

Ever since 1988, A3Pi Services, LLC has continued to provide Marine Environmental Consulting Services to ship owners and operators. With numerous Environmental Audits completed on both tankers and passenger cruise ships, Mr. Ojala has gained the trust of the owners, as well as an excellent working relationship with officers and crew members, providing

Sweetwater Sailors is an Anthology of Great Lakes Sailors' real-life stories, describing their work, their comradery, the effects on their family life, and why they keep going back to a job which is grueling, and sometimes dangerous. Five women sailors, two captains and three chief engineers, also tell how they succeeded in what is normally a male-dominated

A3Pi Services has been a respected services provider to the Great Lakes and Sea Water ports of the United States Marine Industry for over 30 years. Early in the history of A3Pi, Mr. Ojala, the President and founder, gained the reputation of "Have Bag, Will Travel." Within a week of founding the company, Mr. Ojala traveled to Denmark, where he serviced

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