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The focus of Transition Engineering Surveying LLC is to provide accurate, progressive, competitive and automated "state of the art" professional engineering surveying services assuring clients the quality, value, accuracy and service they crave. There is a transition that happens when engineering surveying arrogance and short-sightedness are no longer accepted by the customer or his agents.

The world is changing. A transition is taking place where customers are scrutinizing the professional engineering surveying value they get. Customers want professional grade engineering surveying reasonably priced, without mistakes, and delivered on time with no excuses. Customers want a courteous professional they can depend on 24/7.

Leica NOVA MS50 Robot Scanner system with a manageable data size footprint making integrated survey grade wireframe data scanning practical. The Leica NOVA MS50 is a 1 second "MultiStation" with reflectorless EDM with a range of 2,000 feet and high-speed (1000Hz) electronic distance measurement, automatic target recognition, state of the art "PowerSearch

Over the years, in our experience, aerial subcontractors can raise their pricing as they become more "connected" and "exclusive" with their customers. For this reason, we competitively bid our aerial subcontracting on every job and we encourage other consultants to do the same. The following is a shortlist of aerial subcontractors we invite to bid on

Well, when we speak of a learning organization, what we're really talking about is a group of people who are continually enhancing their capacity to create what they truly want to create. The first is the rate of change. The rate of change in today's business environment is probably greater than it's ever been in the past and there's no evidence of

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