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Whether for your home or business, count on our professional land surveys to aid you with rezoning, subdividing, construction planning, and more. A land survey can help to rezone your land and lower your insurance costs, or keep you from clashing with your neighbors over boundary lines. What are you waiting for? Anytime you develop, buy, or sell a property you need to make sure you are able to meet county zone requirements.

Before you expand your property, get it surveyed! For commercial, industrial, and governmental properties, you need a land surveyor with the right qualifications and licensing to get the job done the first time.

Before you do anything with your property, get a land survey to be sure you meet your local zoning requirements. Don't build on, buy, or sell property without one! There are many types and levels of surveys that may be needed depending the exact situation. If you are a seasoned property development professional working on a project, or you are a homeowner

From commercial properties to industrial and government projects, our surveyors have the experience for any of your land zoning needs in Indiana. Our experienced Land Surveyors know your commercial surveying needs. You need a company that understands the intricacies and sometimes confidential nature of a commercial property transaction. With over 50

Count on reliable subdivision services, including design service for residential subdivisions! Whether you are creating 300 lots for a new housing development, or selling a strip of land to a neighbor, you will need a land survey to subdivide your property. Our team has worked with developers, and land owners for over 50 years, so we can adapt to your

Get reliable site design and planning services before you start building, no matter the project's size. If you are developing a multi unit apartment complex or simply putting up a storage shed, let our team assist you in all of your site design and development needs. Prior to building, the features of the land need to be accurately determined. We will

Get reliable assistance for your land development project, when zoning regulations get confusing. All jurisdictions, be it a Town, City, or County have Zoning regulations that can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. If your land development project should require a rezone, a variance, or an annexation, the team at Crowder and Darnall can partner

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