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NMPS continues to be at the forefront in the analysis of issues that affect your business on a daily basis, developing positions and recommendations that protect the surveying profession from detrimental activities. Your membership fee is an investment in your business and your future as a professional surveyor. If you are not currently a member of New Mexico Professional Surveyors perhaps it is because you don't think there is a compelling reason to join the organization.

I would like to give you five reasons why you should. Benchmarks- the award-winning periodical of NMPS. 6 times a year, Benchmarks arrives in your mailbox. Each issue brings you up to date with issues affecting you, your business, and your profession. Representation at the Board of Licensure- NMPS brings its collective voice to board meetings, advocating for surveyors at this important venue.

Roundhouse and makes you and your legislators aware of the impact legislation has on the way you do business and your ability to perform your professional obligations.

My name is Rich Schorr I am the manager of grounds at unm. we recently had someone trip over a stake. The stake is most likely a property corner and should not be moved. The number in the top is the license number of the surveyor who set the monument. If you go to the NM Board of Licensure website you will be able to look up the surveyor by that number

I am wanting to have an artist create a mixed media piece with a plat map of Arthur D Kidder's correction of Clark's 1859 survey. Do you have contact info for Fred Roeder from whom I might obtain the document(s) he obtained? I know your post is nearly 4 years ago but can you please contact me as soon as possible about Arthur Dale Kidder.

I need some advice on how to find a 1982 survey done by Ronald Tyree for land in Jemez mountains. I have spent hours with Sandoval County searching, but we cannot find the survey. Any advice you might have would be appreciated. I am a PLS in the State of Delaware and I am interested in finding the deed of ownership for a parcel located in Mora County

I'm Agent Clint Norris with the New Mexico State Police Crime Scene Team here in Las Cruces. I'm reaching out to see where I can find New Mexico's minimum accuracy standards for surveying. Our team currently uses 3 Leica ScanStation C10's to document scenes across the state, and I've been tasked with developing a calibration check protocol for them

The NMPS is active in supporting the Surveying education programs in the State of New Mexico. Currently we are involved raising awareness of surveying as a profession in the state and supporting the Geomatics/Surveying Engineering program at NMSU. For a tax deductible donation to donate to the NMSU Geomatics/Surveying Engineering program here are two

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