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Nexgen Surveying Land surveys have utmost importance in the development of land, subdividing land, knowing your boundary lines, using the land utilities etc. In technical words, it is the science or technique that determines the three-dimensional points, angles and distance between the points. The land surveyor provides a detailed chart about different technical points on the land and the architect uses these points to design a perfect structure.

This survey will ensure the safety of the constructions, using an optimal area of the landscape and using land utilities whether natural or manmade. The survey should always be done by licensed surveyors only. At NexGen Surveying, we position and angle your perfect design. We're here to help get your land development project off to a great start.

Our qualified staff bring over four decades of experience to ensure you receive professional advice, precise measurements and perceptual data on whatever piece of land you want to develop.We are more than dedicated to delivering surveys exactly when they are needed by our clients!

When it comes to Land Surveying, quality and service vary from company to company, oftentimes drastically. At NexGen Surveying, LLC., we do the job right the first time. With our experienced professional surveyors, field crews, and in-house support staff, we provide our clients with the most cost effective, high quality, and precise services in the

To determine which buildings and structures are on your property, let NexGen Surveying provide you with an extremely fast, high-quality survey! Mortgage Surveys are also used to establish whether or not your property encroaches onto a neighboring property, or vice-versa. Our engineers and surveyors prepare Flood Elevation Certificates that provide data

A mortgage survey is a document that, depending on which state you are purchasing a home in, may be required for the closing process. These types of documents are produced through several steps of work; starting with the review of a piece of land that you intend to buy or sell. Dedicated staff spend many hours researching the history of a property.

According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) an elevation certificate is a document that provides details like building's location, lowest elevation points and flood zone. Flood elevation certificates can be used while determining flood insurance rates for your building. If your property is present in a flood prone zone, you'll be needing

ALTA survey is the set of standards given by The American land title association (ALTA) and National society of professional surveyors (NSPS) for doing land surveys. These points will be taken as references by title professionals and lenders. An ALTA land survey gives clarity on whether your title survey is comprehensive and contains all exception matters

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