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LNE Surveys is a highly experienced team of 3D laser scanning and professionals who deliver exceptional service, accurate data and custom deliverables to expedite your project. Our Surveyors deliver exceptional service with fast response time, technical expertise and long-term client commitment. Our Company specializes in 2D Floor Plans & 3D scanning, survey mapping, 3D existing conditions modeling, scan-to-BIM, 3D measure, as built drawing and reality capture solutions.

Our Services include 3D laser scanning services, which have saved clients millions of dollars in lost productivity and materials with models to aid in design, visualization, space definition, prefabrication and clash detection. Our experienced team can make the difference between success and failure on your next project. We work with retailers, architects, restaurant concepts, financial services companies and facilities and asset managers of every size across North America.

LNE Surveys team of genuine people who will treat you and your colleagues with warmth and compassion from the first phone call to the final email.

An accurate set of As-Built drawings is essential to the successful execution of a project. Our surveyors have over 25 years of experience measuring and collecting data from all types of buildings nationwide. LNE Surveys is the leader in technology for our industry. We utilize a Laser to CAD system for surveying and creating As-Built drawings. LNE Surveys

We provide our clients with quality 3D laser scanning services through advance technology and software. Accurate measurements have always been a cruscial element in the design process, from intitial design studies through final construction documents. This is especially true for as-built conditions that require a thorough building survey before design

We create complex BIM/Revit models to allow project collaboration, improve design accuracy and also accelerate the design process. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming increasingly important for modern construction projects. We create 3D architectural models from laser survey data. We already work with a number of retailers, building owners

Our system is simple and fully automated using our 3D camera and Ipad. We capture all the details of an interior space - object, colors and textures - and create a real time experience for the viewer. We also provide 360 photography that we can link to existing floor plan documents (PDF). This allows you to interact with your architectural drawings

Many companies are interested in experimenting with drones, but find it difficult to assess new technology in a divided market, navigate regulations, and obtain what is most important - deliverable data. We will work with your staff to help you understand the technical, economical and operational feasibility of putting drones to work for your business

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