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McCrory & Williams McCrory & Williams provides engineering services to Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS) and has been one of MAWSS's engineering consultants for two decades. Being the Sponsor for this year's Mentor Protege Program is quite rewarding in itself to our company. McCrory & Williams's commitment to supporting diverse and underutilized businesses with MAWSS stems back 20 years.

In fact, it is part of our roots since its inception under Billy Wilkerson's leadership as President and Owner of McCrory & Williams. Since the beginning, in our early years with MAWSS, Billy Wilkerson helped champion McCrory & Williams's values and played an active integral role in supporting and developing UBE/DBE program with MAWSS.

During that time, in the 1990's, the vision for MAWSS DBE program was set in motion by a small group consisting of a handful of MAWSS staff and consultant engineers who "pioneered" the ways of today's program.McCrory & Williams/Billy Wilkerson being one of those consultant engineers.

Merlin Miller currently serves as an Owner and Corporate Secretary of the firm, as well as Survey Supervisor. Merlin Miller is a Professional Land Surveyor with almost 40 years of experience, 30 of those years as a PLS. He is involved in contract execution, client relations, budget and finance, recruiting, and the Operational Management of the surveying

Rural and urban highways, city streets, county roads, and public transit. Work offers include field surveys, corridor studies, traffic studies, preliminary and final design, and construction monitoring. Revitalization of areas, providing of walking trails, street scape improvements, youth sports facility enhancements, and park space establishment. Administered

Mr. Helton coordinates the activities of our construction inspection personnel. Working with the Project Managers, he coordinates the levels of inspection required on each project, develops procedures utilizing standard forms and formats that facilitate the documentation process, and works with the geotechnical laboratories. He has been responsible

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