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Residential Surveying Services has been serving the Charlottesville and surrounding areas for many years. Our services include, but not limited to: Boundary, Mortgage / Physical, Minor / Family Division, Topographic Surveys and Construction Stakeout. For a complete accurate survey call for a quote today!

1 Research local court records on the subject and adjoining properties. 2 Field locate, stake and flag property corners, locate structures, sidewalks, driveway, visible utilities, fences and encroachments upon property lines. 3) Office compute (from field data) and draft survey. 4 Plot and sign plat for recordation. 5 Field set any missing property

Bob & crew were a delight to work with. He helped me know where a fence can be placed & explained the easement around my property in detail. They marked not just the corners of my property, but along the sides too. So, there was no question about where are property lines were. Also, they were very affordable. All around happy customer here that highly

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