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Since 1985, Miller Surveying has been a dependable professional surveying firm which has built a reputation of providing quality and reliable surveying services to the community while maintaining professional relationships over many years. We are highly experienced in providing surveying for municipal facilities and rehabilitations in all cities in the DFW area.

We provide many services for residential homeowners and developers, including platting, elevation certificates, design topography and layout. We specialize in commercial ALTA and TSPS Category 1A title surveys, as well as construction staking of new commercial developments.

The real estate and construction industries in Dallas-Fort Worth have maintained high growth for decades, even during the recession of the 2000's and the recent pandemic. Today, the DFW area is one of the fastest growing urban areas in the United States. It's no secret that the land transaction and development processes are integral parts of that growth

We have built an impeccable reputation with brokers, title companies, lenders and investors of providing title surveys and exhibits that can pass the high scrutiny of multi-million dollar property transaction teams. We are very cooperative with lenders' counsel and title examiners and we don't consider our services complete until all involved parties

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