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Professionals Associated Construction Surveys Professionals Associated has been providing surveying services in the city of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs since 1980. We are equipped with the latest technology and have highly qualified professionals to meet your needs in a timely manner, and provide quality services to assist your personnel during any type of construction or surveying work.

Professionals Associated provides certified surveys for a variety of needs - obtaining a permit, buying or selling property, laying out improvements for future construction, grading and more. For technical questions or if you would like to discuss our services in further detail, please feel free to call or e-mail us at any time. Our team of office staff, drafters and professional Licensed Surveyors will be happy to assist.

We provide surveying and layout services for large-scale jobs such as the Dan Ryan Red Line project and the United Center, as well as smaller projects. We also perform caisson layout, pile layout, building layout, utility and civil layout, as-builts, settlement monitoring, and more.

Please be aware that there are 21 different items you can choose to have shown on an ALTA survey. If you need any additional items, please list them in the 'Additional Info' box to the left. Please include as much information as possible, especially if you were given specific requirements by your Village/attorney/etc.

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