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IXL Infrared Management 2016 Spring Solar Initiative- IXL Management LLC, Has partnered with ALTA SOL to bring our clients Tier 1 quality solar panels at unbeatable prices. We bring UTAH the best value on complete Solar installations for your home or business. UniversityScanIR is a specialized service designed specifically for colleges and universities to find steam leaks, roof moisture and heat loss resulting in significant cost savings for the school.

IXL Infrared Management is a full service Commercial infrared survey firm providing providing high quality infrared imaging services to building owners and managers in Utah. SITS was founded in 1989 and is a leading provider of infrared (IR) thermographic imaging services with a history of innovation and a back-ground in real-world applications.

Infrared thermography (IRt) as a predictive maintenance (PdM) inspection technique is widely-recognized as an effective non-destructive (NDT) testing tool used often to check electrical and mechanical systems, buildings, roofs and facilities.

Experience and training does matter for Alpine Home Inspectors. Having over 25 years of construction experience has helped to develop a discerning eye. Additionally, IXL Infrared Management values continuing education and participates in ongoing training to further improve the quality of our service. Choosing the right Utah home inspector can be difficult

Radon dangers are well established fact in the medical community, with deaths by radon estimated to be about 21,000 per year in the USA. Notice how the health hazards of radon are visually put into perspective with some leading causes of death on the radon risk graph. Recently a home owner in the Minneapolis area, requested a bid for my radon mitigation

Surgeon General's health advisory. It's important to know that this threat is completely preventable. It can be detected with a simple test and fixed through well-established venting techniques. Learn how to test your home for radon gas. Radon Gas. You can't see or smell it, but you do have it in your home. How can I make such a statement? Because it

If a large section of the basement is crawlspace with exposed soil this area will need to be covered with a sturdy 6mil plastic that is sealed to the walls and a pipe inserted also. My experience is that with a small crawlspace or spaces these would only need to be covered and sealed. No pipe is needed. Before the concrete is poured a 6mil poly covers

UniversityScanIR is a specialized service provided by IXL Infrared Management in association with Stockton Infrared Services, designed specifically for Universities and Colleges. Substantial savings can be achieved through combining multiple tasks such as scanning for steam line leaks, roof leaks, electrical and data center infrared preventative maintenance

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