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Paul Johnson began surveying in 1967 while attending Southern Tech in Marietta Georgia. He joined the army in 1968 and continued surveying with the mos of 82C(artillery surveyor). After completing a tour in Viet Nam and receiving an honorable discharge he returned to Southern Tech and received an Assoc. Degree in Engineering, Surveying Option with Honors.

We now use a total station to measure distances and angles. The total station also stores the raw data and computes almost anything needed in the field. We also use GPS (Global Positioning System) technology that allows us to find the precise location of any point in the world. We also use powerful computers and computer software to do the calculations and drafting faster and more accurately than was imaginable in the 70's.

Lot Surveys: Whether your lot is a city lot or small acerage in the county we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with whatever you need. We can provide you with a full survey that would include a recordable plat or locate and verify the pins on your lot are there and are in the correct location. Farm Surveys: With the most up to date equipment

For anyone considering buying any property especially one that is in foreclosure, PLEASE get it surveyed BEFORE you close the deal. I have been contacted several times recently by people that have not had the property they bought surveyed. Unfortunately a couple of them have some very bad problems that they bought and the bank they bought it from is

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