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Our firm has built a solid reputation of quality work and has completed thousands of projects over the last 30 years. Using state of the art surveying equipment allows our firm to be more efficient, saving you both valuable time and money. Mistakes are costly. We take pride in our work and ensure each project meets our personal standards of quality and accuracy.

Reconstruction of Roadways along the Schoharie Reservoir and Replacement of the Bearkill Bridge.

In the early 1700s, Johannes Hardenbergh was granted the Hardenburgh Patent which consisted of approximately two million acres of land in Ulster, Greene, Orange, Sullivan, and Delaware Counties, New York. The Patent was subsequently subdivided into tracts, great lots, and lots, and is the basis for modern-day Catskill Mountain land records. A modern

Simply put, land surveying is all about interpreting land records, maps, and plans. Measuring, mapping, and monumentation of boundaries and features. Construction surveying involves interpretation of plans, layout of features, and measuring quantities pre-and post-construction for payments. Land surveyors and survey companies use specialized equipment

The Catskill Mountain region is an incredible ecosystem of natural resources. Known nationally and internationally as the source of drinking water for New York City, many local programs are in place to ensure the protection of this resource. Catskill Region Surveying Services has actively surveyed and mapped many of these resources. We have surveyed

Engineers performing design services for a project utilize the surveyed points to compute an existing surface for their design. This surface of pre-construction activities can be analyzed with the resulting post-construction surface in order to determine volumes, and also can be utilized to balance cuts and fills to minimize materials that need to enter

Conservation Easements permanently protect an area of land from development or disturbance. We have surveyed and mapped thousands of acres of land for NYCDEP and WAC. The process usually involves a kickoff meeting on site with the property owner and easement sponsor. Discussions of access, livestock control, riparian locations, and acceptable development

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