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Davenport, Ivey and Associates, Inc. has been land surveying in Western North Carolina since 1978. We have assembled a great team of land surveyors with a lot of experience in all types of surveying. A combined 100+ years of land surveying dedication and knowledge which we use to complete your boundary, construction, topographic, and all other surveying needs.

Just give us a call at 828-293-3258. No job is too big or too small for us! Associates in Civil Engineering Technology, Surveying and Construction Option. Randall loves surveying and is dedicated to providing quality surveying on all jobs. Randall also loves the outdoors. He can often be found fishing, hunting, or golfing when he is not too busy working on surveying maps.

22+ Years of Surveying in Florida and North Carolina. David is also the Program Coordinator of Civil Engineering and Geomatics Technology at Southwestern Community College. He teaches several Civil Engineering and Land Surveying courses and is leading the way to help new surveyors become successful.

Our Company has a lot of experience when it comes to construction staking. We have done construction staking on several apartment complexes and various other small jobs. Our P.L.S., David Ivey, has done the layout for two schools, several condominiums by Disney World (Wyndham Resorts @ Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida), shopping centers, subdivisions

Here at Davenport, Ivey and Associates, Inc., we realize the importance of our local community. We have done and will be doing many things in the future to help grow our community and make it a better place for everybody in it. Below are some of the ongoing projects that we have done or are working on. Our Vice President, David Ivey, is now giving back

Thank you for allowing us at Davenport, Ivey and Associates, Inc. to give you a free estimate for your land surveying needs. Please fill out the form as completely as possible so that we can locate your property and complete the estimate. We will need enough information to find the property to complete the estimate. The county and parcel number is the

An Elevation Certificate (EC) is a form that is used to establish a base flood elevation (BFE) and to compare the BFE to the elevation of a property and/or to finished floor(s) elevations of buildings on a parcel of land that lies within a special flood hazard area (i.e. Elevation certificates are normally used for two purposes, pre-construction and

At Davenport, Ivey and Associates, Inc., we believe that it is important that you can find your boundary lines after a boundary survey is complete. A survey plat or map shows you the boundary dimensions, structure locations, road locations, acreage etc. A well-marked line allows you to physically walk your boundaries and know where they are located

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