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Alliance Land Surveying, P.C. is your number one choice for the finest in survey services. We'll perform a survey to determine where the boundary lines are for your property in minimal time. Always leave this type of work to the professionals. You'll get reliable, quality-driven customer service for all your location surveying needs. The boundaries with all the improvements on the lot will be located by our qualified staff of experienced surveyors.

We can locate all natural and human-made features on a particular parcel of land with a topographic survey. Call us at 828-586-5256. We're recognized as a veteran-owned small business and a member of the North Carolina Society of Surveyors.

Alliance Land Surveying will give you a professional survey of your property boundary according to the description in the recorded deed. Any and all improvements along the boundary affecting the title to the property will be located. These include fences, drives, utilities, sheds, other buildings, and streets.

Alliance Land Surveying offers GPS surveys that use portable receiving antennas to gather data transmitted from satellites. They'll calculate the positions of objects on earth. This process is very accurate and is used to locate streets, homes, buildings, utilities, water systems, sewer systems, and more.

Is your land a flood risk? Alliance Land Surveying can find out. We'll determine by looking at the elevation of the land combined with many other factors whether you can expect a flood to be a major hazard or not. This type of work should never be performed by an inexperienced surveyor. Call us today!

When purchasing real estate, you acquire certain rights to land described on your deed. Improvements you see on the ground such as fences, landscaping, buildings and trees may or may not all be in conformity with your deed. Under certain circumstances, the physical use of your property by neighbors can result in a claim of ownership. Your rights can

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