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The Building Survey These surveys involve accurately measuring a building and creating AUTOCAD DRAWINGS of a given structure in Plan, Elevation and Sectional views (2D DRAWINGS). This work is very detailed and often performed on buildings that will be rehabilitated, or otherwise re- constructed in some way. Real estate surveys focus on AREA and SQUARE FOOTAGE of buildings and Tenant Spaces.

Many of our clients, require accurate tabulations of rentable vs. building common areas in order to perform RENT/LOSS calculations, BOMA Calcs, REBNY Calcs, and/or AIR RIGHTS and ZONING Calculations etc. Corporate fit-out of entire floors or building complexes require accuracy, speed and attention to detail in order to deliver a project for design team implementation.

Many of our projects involve multi-building complex work, such as universities, hospitals, corporate office centers, housing complexes and shopping malls. Quite often, owners, facilities managers and project coordinators find it easier to RE-MAP an entire complex rather than try to piece together outdated LEGACY DRAWINGS from past alterations.

BSC was founded by David Barth, AIA, a licensed NYS architect with over 30 years of experience documenting existing building structures all over the country. The Building Survey Corp. was established to provide industry professionals with highly accurate, professionally rendered As-Built Drawings in Plan, Section, and Elevation views. All work is delivered

From Airports to Zoos, The Building Survey Corp. has measured every conceivable type of building from A to Z. Our clients rely upon our vast and varied experience to deliver quality scaled drawings, timely and accurately. Many of our projects involve: national landmarks, celebrity homes, historic estates, and security clearance. Of course, the rest

All these structures require special care due to their delicate physical as well as spiritual nature. We love documenting these buildings because of their Historic nature and complicated detailing which make them both challenging and very rewarding to survey and draw. We feel "Truly Blessed" to have measured and documented over 100 significant ecclesiastical

From Pool houses and Garden Sheds to Majestic Townhouses and Hamptons Mansions, we've measured and drawn over 1,000 private residences, many of them National Historic Landmarks. Add to that another 800 Apartment buildings surveyed, containing well over 6,000 individual apartment units and the total is.

These are "Special" projects, because they often involve spaces and conditions rarely seen by the general public, like the "Back Stage" at the Henry Miller Theater, or the "Archive room" at the Guggenheim Museum, or even the "Operating Rooms" at Brookdale Hospital. Not only do we enjoy working in these structures, but we get to meet many fascinating

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