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Waterway Surveys & Engineering Waterway Surveys & Engineering, Ltd. is a surveying and engineering firm that specializes in hydrographic surveying and engineering design relating to maintenance and improvement of our rivers, lakes, harbors and coastlines. Over the last 44 years, Waterway has been recognized as an industry leader for numerous clients including federal, state and local agencies, large utility and industrial corporations, shipyards, ship terminal operators, private waterfront developers and architectural and engineering firms.

We are proud of our accomplishments on land and on water. Today, no other firm in the South Atlantic Region has consistently demonstrated the ability to combine the surveying, environmental and design tasks needed to execute complex civil engineering projects. We offer our clients unmatched expertise combined with a proven track record. Thanks to our clients, we have earned an enviable reputation as the most dedicated and experienced company in our field.

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Waterway Surveys & Engineering, Ltd. was founded in 1977 with the express purpose of providing the highly specialized professional expertise required to perform surveying, engineering and environmental consulting for commercial, industrial and governmental clients involved in a wide assortment of projects in the marine environment. We place a high priority

The mission of Waterway Surveys & Engineering, Ltd. emphasizes applications associated with the marine environment. Shipyards, municipalities, port authorities, marine contractors, terminal operators and numerous engineering firms regularly utilize Waterway's professional services. Their confidence strengthens our commitment to sharpen our focus on

Each hydrographic mission is planned and directed by licensed professionals. The quality of our hydrographic expertise is maintained at the highest levels through constant, everyday practices of the profession and in-depth technical training. Our long-term clients have come to depend on the level of attention we give their business needs. Waterway has

Dredging Engineering is a highly specialized field which requires knowledge of the project environmental conditions, the engineering mechanics of dredging and disposal, as well as a familiarity with the dredging industry. Waterway was founded in 1977 with the express purpose of providing the highly specialized professional expertise required to perform

Gather and produce data on volumes, sedimentation rates, chemical and physical characteristics. Data to include information on water and sediment qualities. Gather and review data/information on environmental resources at dredging and the area to be considered for potential placement sites. Identify special technical or environmental problems to be

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