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Peak Geomatics Land Surveyors Our land surveying firm's primary focus is on quality, service, and the value of our professional service. As a surveyor, we understand that each property we survey and every client that we work for are unique. Because of this understanding, our goal is to provide a professional service that meets the specific needs of each client. The commitment to this goal has steadily increased our client base and reputation in the industry.

We want to hear from you. Call or Email let us know about you land surveying needs and let us develop a personalized solution for you. Give us 3 minutes of your time and some information and a surveyor will follow up with a detailed survey proposal for free. This proposal will identify the subject property, project scope, timeline, and compensation.

Licensed to practice land surveying in both North Carolina and Tennessee, we have developed local knowledge and many contacts in the area. We provide surveying services to public agencies, engineering firms, private contractors, architects, and homeowners throughout the Appalachian region.

A boundary survey is a survey to establish the boundaries of a parcel using its legal description to find and locate existing monumentation. Sometimes monuments are lost and must be replaced. Boundary monuments can be many different natural or man made objects. The monuments marking your property could be in the form of iron rods, pipes, or concrete

Peak Geomatics can provide accurate, up-to- date digital aerial photography and video of a property or site that you can use for planning, design, marketing, or other purposes. We can provide you with digital aerial photography of a property or site that has been processed (orthorectified) so that the image geometrically is oriented to a specified coordinate

ALTA/ACSM surveys, frequently shortened to ALTA surveys, are often required for real estate transactions. ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys: Today's commercial real estate transactions are often complex and involve multiple sites that require land title surveys in several states. The American Land Title Association, in conjunction with the American Congress

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