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Compass Consultants is dedicated to meeting our clients' needs with speed, accuracy and attention to detail. We help our clients in environmental planning with broad-based integrated services that identify potential impact and permitting requirements. We have the agility, knowledge and experience to help you navigate the rapidly changing technology of today's society.

We continually invest in our knowledge base through training, certifications, and strategic additions for our staff. We assist our clients in environmental planning. With this, you'll comply with existing, overlapping, and complicated regulatory and permitting requirements during each stage of your project. Our infrastructure services include project management, broadband engineering, feasibility studies, and GIS mapping.

Additionally, we'll perform inspection audits to ensure your project is compliant with the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC). Our Registered Land Surveyors and professional field crews pride themselves on meeting our clients' needs with speed, accuracy, and attention to detail.

Compass Consultants Inc. is a provider of professional engineering & consulting services. We are located in Perham, MN. Our services include land surveying, for both commercial and residential projects, and environmental and regulatory services. Additionally, we specialize in engineering, infrastructure, and project management. We have the knowledge

Our certified project managers will keep your projects on track and running smoothly. We define project goals and objectives, specify tasks, and allocate resources. Plus, we associate budgets and meet critical milestones, so you can be confident that your project will be professionally managed from start to finish. It's become an IP world. Our certifications

We are dedicated to completing your project with meticulous precision. Our Registered Land Surveyors and professional field crews pride themselves on meeting client's needs with speed, accuracy and attention to detail. Headquartered in Perham, MN, Compass Consultants provides land surveying to all of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. We specialize

Investing in your property by knowing and marking your boundaries is a good idea, especially to avoid any future conflicts regarding the use of your land. When purchasing real estate, you acquire certain rights to land described on your deed. Improvements you see on the ground such as fences, landscaping, buildings, and trees may or may not all be in

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