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Surveying Southern Colorado in the San Luis Valley 6 county area. Providing quality professional land surveying and land development services to the San Luis Valley and the surrounding areas since 1983.

General Land Surveyors Duties An example of the progression of duties surveyors generally go through are land surveying research for existing surveying maps recorded at county court houses, highway departments, state agencies, US-Bureau of Land Management, and an onsite visit to familiarize the surveyors with the task requested.After completing some portion of this research the surveyors can prepare a preliminary surveying cost based on time and efforts the land surveying company believes will be involved.

Upon hiring a land surveyor he or they will make actual land surveying measurements and evaluate local and state codes and interpret all that information to make sure the surveying conforms and set surveyors corner markers with the surveyors state registration number attached to the land surveying marker.

Our company was established in 1983 in Alamosa, Colorado. We are a small company that primarily works in Southern Colorado's San Luis Valley which is a mountain valley about 125 miles long by 75 miles wide. We are located between Pueblo and Durango, Colorado and between Salida, Colorado and Taos, New Mexico. Rincon provides a variety of services to

To better serve you here in Colorado we try to keep up with the latest technological advancements but also keep our conventional land surveying equipment tuned up for work in any kind of terrain a surveyor might find himself in. We use whatever equipment works best to accomplish your task in an efficient timely manner. To Contact Rincon Land Surveyors

How much will a survey cost? The Professional Land Surveyor's fees will be based on the anticipated difficulty and time required to complete the land surveying project. Routine survey projects may be estimated as to cost, but the client should be aware that in many situations, the Professional Land Surveyor cannot predict the amount of work that will

A site specific survey usually showing elevation contours of a certain property description, showing obvious utilities, water courses, vegetation, soil classification (as available), to provide an architect with physical characteristics of a property so they can properly design requested structures. A survey to establish or re-establish a boundary line

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