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Four Ward Land Surveying We specialize in Topographic Design Surveys, ALTA Surveys, Oil & Gas Surveys, and Construction Surveys. 4Ward Land Surveying provides professional Land Surveying services for commercial, residential and public works projects throughout the State of Texas. The company's extensive project experience includes large commercial development, residential and commercial subdivisions, mutli-family development, retail center and non-profit, religious, military and public works.

4Ward Land Surveying was established in 2009 to provide a higher level of surveying service that is more attentive to the client's needs. 4Ward focuses on producing a high-quality product that addresses the client's current and future needs on their site. We use the most advanced equipment and CAD programs to efficiently produce projects that are complete

4Ward works closely with engineers, developers and contractors to provide services on commercial, retail and office sites. 4Ward supports from initial acquisition through the completion of development. Not all projects have been new site developments, a couple of interesting sites were the redevelopment of a historical building into a German bakery

4Ward has provided services to many non-profit organizations in Central Texas. Many of these groups are working with a limited budget and 4Ward works with them to meet their needs at an efficient cost. Examples of non-profit projects have included religious institutions, schools, animal shelters, and child development organizations.

4Ward has worked on numerous public works projects throughout central Texas. Public projects typically follow strict guidelines whether it's the safety requirements on the job or the detail of information needed in the survey. Our public works projects have included services for infrastructure improvements, parkland planning and development, and roadway

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