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Squires Holden Weisenbacher & Smith Your land is too important to allow unlicensed and inexperienced surveyors to conduct any measurements or analysis on your property. Call S.H.W. & S Land Surveyors, PC today. Before you break ground on any project, you have to know the exact dimensions of your property and all adjacent properties. We can offer you an effective solution. Whether it's a residential or commercial site planning, our experienced professionals can help you with it.

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Since our founding, Squires, Holden, Weisenbacher & Smith has provided accurate and dependable surveys that consistently meet or exceed the standards set forth by the New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors, Inc., the American Land Title Association and American Congress on Surveying and Mapping as well as those of individual and corporate

Exactly where are the physical boundaries of the property that I have contracted to purchase?. Are the physical improvements (house, garage, fences, etc.) that I was shown, actually on the property?. The answers to these questions can be reassuring or distressing, but if they are discovered after closing the sale, the results may be a financial disaster

For over 110 years, S.H.W. & S Land Surveyors, PC has been leading the East End in producing some of the best surveys and layouts for residential and commercial property needs. We are certified members of the Nassau-Suffolk Civil Engineers and are fully capable of providing the mathematically precise surveying that you need when purchasing, selling

Take a look at some of the frequently asked land survey questions. If you have further questions about surveying or wish to schedule an appointment, Call S.H.W. & S Land Surveyors, PC as soon as possible. The cost of surveys differ of varying sizes and locations of properties. Such things as the complexity of the descriptions, terrain and the shape

If you are considering a new building or construction project, consult the engineering department for creative and efficient designs and planning at S.H.W. & S Land Surveyors, PC. Our professional engineers will help you solve any problems you may be experiencing due to existing structures, complex property lines, budgetary concerns and so much more

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