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CCS Consultants Our land surveyors understand the value of accurate data since land surveying is the precursor to development, planning and initial design of a project. When our personnel are assigned to a project, they are involved throughout all aspects of the job. This eliminates the time it takes to familiarize additional personnel with the client and project needs.

This also reduces the possibility of errors and duplicating work. Our key personnel have years of experience in land surveying and civil engineering which allows us to better understand the information needed by engineers and architects for project design. Our computer workstations communicate directly with our data collection and GPS systems. The state of the art system reduces time and the possibility of errors.

The system eliminates the need for note reduction. The field data is downloaded directly into our computers and calculated automatically. This system saves crew time because the information needed for a project can be contained within a data collector so crews spend less time on calculations in the field.

Noel is a Colorado native. He grew up in Castle Rock and graduated from Douglas County High School. He began his land surveying career in 1978 working for Dennis J. Gelvin in Franktown, Colorado. In 1986 he began working with Rea, Cassens and Associates as a surveyor and ending as a project manager on civil engineering jobs. Noel has worked on projects

The wetlands boundary as determined by the water engineer, were located and mapped. The information was later used to reestablish the areas preventing intrusion by contractors during the construction of improvements to the park and trails around the lake. A boundary retracement survey was completed on a 120 square mile ranch, the Vigil St. Vrain Land

Over the past few years when Rich stopped by the office we often sat and chatted. He always amazed me (and everyone that knew him) how he could remember details of projects from decades ago. Rich treated others with respect and always listened to what someone had to say, no matter how wrong they might be. We talked often about the old group of guys

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