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KT ENGINEERING is a focused, highly motivated team of engineers and surveyors specializing in entitlement, civil design, and survey services. Our mission is simple: to give our clients a streamlined path from due diligence to agency approval and ultimately construction. We understand that in the world of land development building relationships with approval agencies is just as important as the technical details of the design.

KT Engineering's staff has been working closely with municipalities in the Denver Metro for the past 20 years. The Denver Area is a hot market and everyone is searching for the gold. It's no surprise that the "easy" land has already been developed. KT Engineering can quickly assess a properties development potential and complexities so that our clients have a clear understanding of what lies ahead before making any financial commitments on the project.

KT Engineering can produce site plans, density studies, and illustrations to help our clients better understand the lands potential.

Our service first philosophy relies heavily on the team of people that show up to work on time every day and make it happen. We are nimble and responsive and employ individuals with positive attitudes and a desire to do it all. The benefit of working for a small, growing firm is that the employee gets to grow with the company and share in its success

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