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We provide accurate surveys | in the most detailed way possible | we are the professionals | using the latest technology. Here at Bartram Trail Surveying you can trust us for comprehensive survey and land developing services in Northeast, Florida. As a leader in the field, we utilize only the best state-of-the-art equipment, including high-precision GPS equipment.

From topographic surveys for land development to detailed location surveys for asset management, there's no service we can't provide with high professionalism and a wealth of knowledge. Our hard working professional survey teams provide the most accurate surveys needed for builders and engineers to design and build projects. Using advanced survey equipment and GPS technology, it is guaranteed that the survey you pay for is exactly what you are looking for.

We pay attention to the details to make sure certifying and approving land development is safe and efficient to our clients. UAV Services are available through Bartram Trail Surveying, Inc.

Influenced by 18th century naturalist William Bartram's feats exploring the East Coast of the United States and our founder's affection for our community, Bartram Trail Surveying, Inc was conceived. Before becoming the corporation that it is now, it was a sole proprietorship for six years gaining maturity, prudence, and tactical associations with the

Our team is dedicated to your needs in the most efficient, customer friendly manner possible. Get to know the representatives that are assisting you with your project!. Teri Hughes is the Owner and President of the Bartram Trail Surveying, Inc., where she exercises a myriad of talents as office manager in payroll, and insurance. Having over 20 years

BTS has the ability to offer a full range of residential services to perfectly address each individual client need. We can offer precautionary due diligence services to individuals purchasing land holdings, and many other specialized requests with ease. Bartram Trail Surveying, Inc. (BTS) is an established survey and land development provider that has

Promises to each and every customer a unique opportunity to complete each stage of the improvement process under one roof. From uncharted estate, to stakeouts, to As-built, to property or home promotions, our organization commits these distinctive abilities to satisfy the client needs in every stage of development, where competitors do not. If the customer

As one of our most popular services, Lot Fit Analyses are easily a house specialty. For many, this concept can be quite bewildering to the untrained eye. At Bartram Trail Surveying, Inc., in addition to providing this service to clients, we also offer tools to better communicate lot possibilities to individuals throughout your organization. These readable

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