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The Martin H. Schuler Company is a full-service engineering and surveying company offering a variety of services. The services provided are designed to meet our clients' needs and go beyond their expectations. Martin H. Schuler Company invites you to discover our areas of expertise and contact us with any questions you may have.

The Martin H. Schuler Company is a well established civil engineering and surveying company situated in the Lehigh Valley. The firm has been providing continuous service to its many clients in industry, government and the private sector for over 50 years. Roma Building: Martin H. Schuler Company completed all the engineering for the

As civil engineers we are involved in the design of roadways, parking lots, stormwater management facilities, erosion and sediment control facilities, and finished grades for various land development and subdivision projects. We also partner with other professionals such as geologists, structural and traffic engineers to bring together a project. Our

We have worked with the insurance and legal profession for years in an effort to settle property and liability claims. We offer our civil engineering and surveying expertise to help resolve disputes between disagreeing parties. As investigative engineers we try to find the true cause of the problem and recommend a reasonable solution. Our professional

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