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In today's fast paced world, it can be easy to overlook the value of your organization's most important asset - your employees. EngagedMetrics' innovative employee survey platform delivers the data and analytics needed to understand your employees' commitment and connection to the organization. Insightful employee engagement and pulse surveys designed to measure engagement levels from the perspective of staff, resulting in actionable feedback and deep analytics.

Strategic exit and on-boarding surveys built to increase retention, identify opportunities, motivate employees, and streamline each process within the employee life cycle. Comprehensive 180 and 360 degree surveys to assess employee performance including an individual's strengths and weaknesses from the viewpoint of co-workers, peers, and management.

Tailored to your ever-changing organizational needs, our intuitive reporting and intelligent analytics deliver the insight needed to pinpoint and address problem areas. Using our proprietary Integrated Action Planning, EngagedMetrics converts the voices of employees into highly relevant action plans.

From the launch of our first employee engagement survey in 2004, to now over 5000 clients, EngagedMetrics' primary mission has always been supporting organizations in building exceptional cultures through employee feedback. Headquartered in Colorado, EngagedMetrics is an industry leader in measuring and improving employee engagement, retention, and

Employee engagement and pulse surveys to better understand theattitudes and challenges facing your workforce. It's no secret that an engaged workforce helps in strengthening your culture to drive results, align strategy, and retain top talent. Leverage EngagedMetrics' powerful platform to implement a strategy for measuring and improving employee engagement

Insightful exit and on-boarding surveys built toincrease employee retention and attract top candidates. Improve retention and recruiting by understanding why employees join and exit your organization. Implement exit surveys to gain insight and ultimately address the reasons employees are exiting your organization. Fine tune your recruiting process with

Insightful 180° and 360° surveys designed to help employees reach their full potential. Provide employees with insight into their behavior and a better understanding of how they're perceived by coworkers. Launch 180° and 360° surveys designed to provide employees a baseline understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, as well

EngagedMetrics has been measuring employee engagement since 2004. With thousands of successful projects and clients, we've assisted organizations of all sizes across all major industries. EngagedMetrics offers unparalleled functionality, reliability, and value in one employee feedback platform. Simple and intuitive to get up and running quickly, but

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