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We are a full service land surveying firm based in the North Georgia area that serves all of North Georgia and Southeastern Tennessee in addition to most of the Southeastern United States. We utilize the latest in land surveying technology, including high precision G.P.S. and 3D Laser Scanning to ensure that projects are completed in a timely, yet accurate manner.

Lowery & Associates was founded with the goal of being the most responsive and client oriented firm in the Southeastern U.S. We have a goal of establishing long-lasting relationships with all clients. Lowery & Associates can help resolve a Boundary dispute in North Georgia. The boundary survey can help to identify property lines and any encroachments from one property onto another.

An Elevation Certificate is used to verify and document critical finished elevations of a structure to determine that structures eligibility for flood insurance.

A boundary survey is the retracement of an original or previous survey. A survey of this nature is often requested so that a property owner might know where the limits of their property lie. A boundary survey can help to identify any encroachments from one property onto another and can be very useful prior to any new construction to ensure no encroachments

A site plan is often required to obtain a building permit. The requirements vary depending on the specific municipality. A site plan will often depict the existing conditions on site as well as the proposed improvements. Erosion control structures and tree save and replacement requirements are other factors to be taken into consideration in the site

An erosion/sediment control plan includes specific construction techniques drawn on the site plan or grading plan, which has a set of guidelines and construction details to ensure that no sediment leaves the construction site. If you have need of an erosion control plan for your construction site, or other site development, please call Lowery & Associates

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