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Get Video Answers Help innovate your brand by using mobile video surveys to understand the emotions of your consumers. You know the audience you want to hear from but need help finding them. DIY + Recruit is all the power of DIY plus our recruiting expertise and exclusive database of 250,000 consumers. Get the consumer insights you value without being saddled with all of the work.

Our expert researchers become an integral part of your team to help design, recruit for, and report on your study. With a tight deadline to conduct research, develop a sizzle reel, and deliver a pitch, the mindswarms team was an integral part of getting the project done quickly. Cloud-based link provides easy access to - and sharing of - video responses and transcripts.

Our highly experienced team of research experts is here to ensure you find the unexpected consumer insight "unlock." Consumers are more stimulated and articulate holding - or doing - something. Ask them to Show you an object, give you a tour of their space (closet, fridge, storage) or walk you through a process.

Companies will pay you to hear your insights recorded via video on your smartphone, tablet or webcam. Why? Your stories - with the inherent nuances that video brings - help them understand you better so they can shape products, advertising, design, naming and apps and all sorts of other things they are working on. Most studies require you to fill out

Let us recruit highly qualified candidates from our proprietary database for you while your dedicated Project Manager designs, recruits, screens, programs, manages, and supports your study every step of the way. Get video answers in days for US studies, and fewer than 14 days for international projects. Reports typically take fewer than 5 days to complete

Fabric's mobile video survey platform and industry-first AI help you quickly capture and highlight emotional insights from consumers without sifting through hours of videos and transcripts. Fabric is an all-in-one platform to help you create your screener, bring consumers into your study, and pay incentives. Invite your own participants or let us help

We have a proprietary database of over 250,000 people in 79 countries. What typically happens is we create a recruitment screener (most often brand blind), then post the screener for our participants to apply. Our Project Managers review potential applicants based on your specific screening criteria, and hand-pick respondents best suited for your study

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