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Foresight Land Surveying is a San Francisco bay area based firm providing land surveying and mapping services to the Bay Area and beyond. We provide services for a wide variety of clients, both public and private, who depend on us for our honest, informed, and experienced advice and services. Foresight Land Surveying was founded on the belief that providing top quality, accurate, and thorough services, will meet our client's objectives and build lasting relationships.

Licensed surveyors: A licensed land surveyor performs every step of your project from research and contract preparation, to overall execution and final product delivery. Experience: We have extensive experience throughout the bay area with residential, commercial and governmental projects. We want your project to succeed so we deliver our product on time and on budget.

Attention to detail: The primary benefit clients receive when they hire FLS is high quality work. We are passionate about surveying and we strive to be the best surveyors in our field.

What exactly is land surveying and what are you doing? The profession of land surveying is a combination of art and science. It involves technical expertise, judgment, creativity, strategy and problem solving. The job of a surveyor involves being part historian, archaeologist, cartographer, and an expert at measuring and evaluating measurements. Why

ALTA surveys are a detailed surveys typically used by lending institutions, title companies or property owners. ALTA surveys are often a requirement of lenders to help identify encroachments, encumbrances, or potential liability that may affect a property. ALTA surveys are based on the ALTA / NSPS minimum requirements and any additional features requested

Construction Staking is the layout of a design professionals plans on the ground. The surveyor is typically provided with a set of plans and will set reference points or offsets as requested by the contractor. This ensures that the new construction is built in the right place and as specified on the plans.

Parcel Maps are a subdivision of four lots or less or four condominiums or less. The parcel map process consists of a tentative and final map. Once the tentative map is approved the final parcel map is submitted showing the property boundary resolution, the parcels being subdivided along with any existing or proposed easements and the points that were

Story Pole Certification is often a requirement of a local jurisdiction as part of the planning and review process. Our story pole services involve laying out the story poles on the ground per the client provided plans. After the story poles have been installed we will return to the site to measure the height and location of the poles and certify if

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