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Sharpe Surveying & Consulting is an independent marine surveying and consulting company operating out of Alameda, California. I have been in operation for over 20 years serving the greater San Francisco Bay area and beyond. I strive to provide thorough marine surveys for both prepurchase and insurance underwriting in order to provide the buyer or owner with a complete snapshot of the vessel condition and its compliance with Coast Guard regulations, ABYC and NFPA standards and good marine practice.

I conduct unbiased damage marine surveys for insurance underwriters to provide a complete picture to the adjuster in order for them to fairly adjust damage claims. As a consultant to the commercial vessel industry I provide clear information on compliance with Coast Guard regulations and serve as an effective liaison with the Coast Guard and other government entities.

I have successfully acted as liaison bringing several vessels into compliance with Coast Guard regulations for certification as passenger carrying vessels.

During my career in the Marine Safety field with the U.S. Coast Guard I worked with many people who were getting into the business of commercial passenger vessel operations. They came into my office all to often with great ideas having already purchased a vessel only to find out that their investment was unusable. Don't let this happen to you! I can

I conducted marine accident investigations for the U.S. Coast Guard from 1983 until 1999. From 1999 until the present I have been investigating and analyzing accidents for marine claims. Investigations into the cause of an accident can assist you in preventing similar accidents in the future. This will save you and your company money in the long run

20 years as a U.S. Coast Guard Officer involved in commercial vessel inspection and accident investigations. Conducting condition & value and insurance surveys on yachts and small craft as an independent marine surveyor. Conducting damage surveys on vessels for insurance claims. Consulting with the commercial vessel industry in the capacity of marine

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