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Topographic Land Surveyors Equipped with the latest technology, our crews tackle rugged terrains to gather the precise data and guarantee accurate and timely results every time. Our engineers deliver solid, well thought-out, reliable solutions. From public infrastructure to private development, our expertise and experience deliver customized results. Our team of environmental professionals offers a full suite of services to help clients navigate the myriad of environmental regulations and associated regulatory compliance.

Scanning and UAV technology, GPS-equipped drones, cameras and powerful computers, surveys have an accuracy right down to 1 centimeter. Our team of professional land surveyors, engineers, and technical specialists can provide technology-driven solutions for projects of all sizes across the US including construction layout.

Topographic was founded in 1958 by John Keating. His vision was to become the new standard in surveying excellence by focusing on emerging technologies in the field. Today we continue that passion for innovation, staying ahead of the curve and defining "what's next" in surveying. The roots of Topographic history were laid in Oklahoma. But the needs

What began as a small company in the oilfields of Southern Oklahoma, today Topographic stands as the industry leader in the fields of Surveying, Engineering and GIS. We contribute our sustained success directly to our core values: Loyalty, innovation and legacy. To us, it's not just a word, but a culture built on over 62 years of dedicated service to

Preliminary and Construction surveys, along with regulatory compliance support for 126 miles of dual lay 20" and 30" pipelines. Project included four ALTA surveys for facility installation sites and extensive research on a discovered vacancy tract. Numerous project tasks were modified or recompleted due to endangered species discovery. Deliverables

No matter how extensive your land surveying needs, we have the expertise and experience to provide accurate results every time, on time and in budget. We accumulate survey information about the natural and man-made characteristics of the land and its elevations. Using proven methods, experienced experts and the latest technology, Topographic gathers

We understand that strict time, accuracy and compliance fuel your profitability. With this in mind, Topographic offers comprehensive services designed around your Oil and Gas surveying needs. With a presence in almost every major shale play across the United States and a staff of 20 Professional Land Surveyors, 50+ draftsmen, 100+ crews and a dedicated

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