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Authentic Surveyors, Inc a Land Surveying and Mapping firm established in South Florida to provide the development professionals, property owners, legal and financial representatives and construction professionals with the most accurate land Surveying and Mapping Services. With our experienced Land Surveyors that posses over 25 years of experience, a Competitive Office Staff and professional AutoCad drafters, makes a stress-free process for all of our clients.

Making possible a reliable 24 hour turnaround service at no extra cost. Authentic Surveyors, Inc is committed to Quality through extensive knowledge and the excellence in focusing in every need our client has. Our survey staff is equipped with the leading technology necessary to perform and complete precise land surveys for use by development professionals, property owners, legal and financial representatives, and construction professionals.

Our clients list continues to grow because of our complete dedication to customer service and reliability, we are certain that if you try our services once, our commitment to quality, accuracy and superior customer service will guarantee that you will settle for nothing less than an Authentic Survey, Inc Survey.

An Elevation Certificate is needed to determine at what elevation a building and the surrounding property is at. Typically Flood Insurance Company, Mortgage Company and Developer are who require this report. A Boudary Survey or an ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey requires the documentation of the perimeters, of a parcel or tract of land by measuring of and

The heavy black line. Lots of numbers on it. What's important is where everything else on the drawing is in relationship to the heavy line. Perpendicular distances between property lines and structures. Used to note whether structures are within setbacks, outside of easements, and whether or not they leave room for additional building. Maybe the most

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