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Alpine Land Surveyors Living in Truckee, CA for 25 years he's very familiar with the various neighborhoods in the greater Truckee-Tahoe area and the survey requirements issued by their homeowner associations. He's been responsible for estimating, planning and conducting all types of surveys and mapping operations within Reno and surrounding areas since the early 1990s.

Being a small business, Mike also provides the CAD drafting for all maps produced by Alpine. There is a benefit in having the licensed professional do both the field work and office work on your project. Nobody is being trained on how to do their job at the expense of your project, resulting in accurate and high quality deliverables. We utilize advanced technologies available to land surveyors today including differential GPS, robotic total stations, and aerial mapping utilizing fixed wing and drone aircraft.

For new construction the City or County building inspector will want a building setback letter stamped by a licensed land surveyor. Many times an architect will place the building right on the setback line leaving no room for error. It's a good idea to have the surveyor place the offset stakes for the new structure to be sure the seback letter can be

Only a Professional Land Surveyor licensed in the state where he or she practices can legally perform a land survey. Legally, only a professional land surveyor can establish a property line. If you are doing any type of construction, it is safer for you to get a boundary survey than run the risk of encroaching onto your neighbor's property. Many times

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