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When you need any land surveying or septic system services, you want someone reliable, experienced, and affordable. S&H Land Services delivers a cost effective, timely and professionally prepared product. We're experienced with projects of all sizes, from a residential boundary survey for a homeowner to large subdivisions and commercial projects. We do it all, and we do it in the most cost efficient and professional manner.

Having previously been employed by both large and small Civil Engineering and small Land Surveying firms, we have built our company model by blending our combined 25 years of Land Surveying experience with the latest technology. To do that, we've invested in advanced robotic surveying equipment and the latest drafting software. This streamlined approach seeks to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce overhead and provide our clients with project management that is second to none.

Over the years, we've learned that our approach offers clients a better service, greater value, and a more positive experience overall.

S&H Land Services performs the land surveying you need in New Hampshire. Whether it's a boundary survey, subdivision, lot line stakeout, variance plan, elevation certificate or an existing conditions plan for a large commercial development, we can help. At S&H, we're experienced and equipped to provide every possible service necessary when you need

A topographic survey is performed to show the boundaries, all improvements, topography, structures, wetlands, utilities, inverts and any other man made or natural features on your property. Using a robotic total station, we generate your existing conditions plan with a highly efficient field crew. This approach saves you time and money without sacrificing

GPS as it relates to surveying, is typically used to tie your property or proposed development onto various coordinate systems. This usually includes Town GIS systems and vertical datums for Flood Plain Certificates. Combining state of the art technology with surveying expertise, we give you surveying results you can absolutely count on. Whether you

When you want to begin construction or build an addition, chances are you'll need your land surveyed. The surveying services you will need may differ depending on the intentions you have for the land, but regardless of the size of your building project - S&H Land Services can help. The Plot Plan: A Plot Plan is the first step in the building process

At S&H Land Services, boundary surveys and lot line stake outs are some of the most frequent requests we get. A lot line stake out resolves the boundary, but does not include the drafting of any plans. The lot lines are marked at regular intervals, typically with wooden stakes. A boundary plan resolves the boundary and provides a legal document, the

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