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Professional Land surveying encompasses a number of techniques, incorporating many skills both artistic & scientific, gathering points on land surface, distances & angles to determine boundaries of ownership and for mapping purposes. Often land surveying is used to determine legal information for structural building & construction, to determine land ownership boundaries for property sales, or for purposes required by government or civil law.

Therefore it is of utmost importance, you can count on experienced, skilled, professional land surveyors & civil engineers to complete work accurately. Our Method is the most accurate and reliable. How? We control precision by using static control first to ensure true readings, rather than trying methods where results may vary and there is need to redo the original effort.

We never cut corners in attempt to save time. Our clients count on us to provide the best most accurate surveys in a cost effective and timely manner. We service the public sector, as well as engineers, architects, attorneys, real estate professionals, and contractors in Redlands, Yucaipa and throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.

All of us here at Hillwig - Goodrow Land Surveying & Land Mapping are proud of our long history of surveying land and properties in Southern California and beyond. We are known for being efficient, accurate, and complete along with attention to detail with every surveying assignment. Our land surveying crews are of the most qualified and experienced

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