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Feedback Kiosk Survey allows quick one tap feedback by selecting an emoji (smiley face) to answer the survey question. Email Signature Survey allows OneClick feedback by embedding the survey within an email signature. Getting more customers to share feedback is simple, just make it easy for them with in moment surveys. SurveyStance Feedback Survey Kiosk is a simple in moment survey kiosk interface designed to maximize user response rate to give you a robust data source to make more informed decisions.

One Click web based emoji customer surveys can be embedded within email signatures, websites, support tickets and more. We have been very fortunate to have had the privilege of working with some of the top companies across the world! SurveyStance is a worldwide leading software company providing feedback survey software and kiosks for businesses to help them interact with their customers and employees.

Our Feedback Kiosk is an iPad based terminal used to capture feedback in real-time. We also offer an SMS Text Messaging Feedback Survey System which helps business receive inbound feedback and comments from their customers via text message in real time.

We are ALL about the customer, period. The founders of SurveyStance both came from families that ran successful mom & pop businesses. How? Great experience, listening to customer feedback and knowing that there is always room for improvement. The not too long: We are an enthusiastic and dedicated team of rockstars who all share a passion of business

Schedule a 30 minute demo with our Customer Success Team where we will give you an overview, answer all your questions and share with you some best practices for your specific situation. SurveyStance price starts at $29/mo per device for Feedback Kiosk Software and OneClick Digital Feedback Software.

Require user to 'Swipe to Start Survey' to prevent unwanted users from completing in moment survey. If you have any questions about how your company can best use SurveyStance to collect feedback, we have an amazing team ready to help! The SurveyStance Feedback Kiosk Survey is an iPad based Survey Kiosk designed to capture real time customer feedback

One Click Feedback Surveys allow your customers to share quick feedback by clicking a range of emoji faces. Embed a survey directly within help desk platforms like Fresh Desk, monthly newsletters like Mail Chimp and more. Embedded One Click Feedback Surveys are designed to be placed or embedded within a range of applications such as Websites, Apps,

Email signature can be the best place to insert a one click email survey to capture feedback from customers or employees. Your customers/employees are busy so allowing them to give quick valuable feedback at multiple points is a must to increase survey results. Create a customer feedback survey in your embedded email signature (outlook, gmail, etc)

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