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US Geomatics (USG) is a company in Reno, NV that specializes in all aspects of land surveying. Over the years, we have acted as a survey and geographic information system (GIS) manager for large utility and design-build projects throughout the West Coast. Our team has the ability to work with big clients, including contractors as well as commercial and industrial developers.

We take pride in our excellent project management skills and the personalized service we provide. We are here for you, and we care about the outcome of your project. Land surveying is an intricate process that requires efficiency and accuracy. We utilize aerial drones to survey areas safely and thoroughly while reducing the time we spend gathering data.

We utilize a "boutique-style" approach, providing personalized services to clients with large-scale projects. Our team pays keen attention to detail, and we ensure that every client has our full attention. Contact our team today!

US Geomatics (USG) specializes in developing and implementing land surveys as well as managing water rights. Our company was established in 2004 because we saw a growing need for land surveying solutions in the industrial and commercial sectors. We are proven experts when it comes to water rights, GIFs, AutoCAD, utility and location surveys, as well

US Geomatics (USG) is a full-service land surveying company that caters to industrial and commercial clients, including municipal utility districts and public agencies. Our service rates are competitive, and we are known for performing land surveying and mapping in a timely manner. In addition, we utilize the latest technology to deliver outstanding

At US Geomatics (USG), we possess more than four decades of invaluable geographic information system (GIS) experience. We offer comprehensive services, and these range from low-level data entry and attribution to high-end, inclusive GIS implementation. Apart from the services mentioned above, we are also capable of performing data design. In addition

Water is essential to the operations of any business in any industry, from livestock farms to steel producers. A valuable asset as well as a finite resource, water cannot be used without the legal right to do so. In Nevada, water rights are based on the doctrine of prior appropriation. Simply put, the first person to take or divert water from a source

At US Geomatics (USG), we leverage our technical proficiency to conduct different types of surveying operations. We have expertise in a variety of surveying methods, mapping protocols, application programming, as well as drafting technologies. Also, we can provide a full range of mapping services to meet all of your goals and requirements. Our technological

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